Selection criteria

The process of selecting cases and constructing the exhibition is currently ongoing.
Priority is given to completed and ongoing projects able to demonstrate their feasibility and quality of innovation.

A lot of attention is also given to project that are part of an integrated urban policy applied throughout the city. Projects that develop green areas inside and around the city and promote local accessibility and mobility services to create increasingly car-free cities are also selected.

A final selection criterion is sustainability throughout the life cycle – saving resources during demolition and construction, using local or recycled/recyclable materials, and reducing and re-using site waste.

We also look at the environmental rehabilitation of existing districts and buildings, and demolitions or new buildings which take care not to waste land and in any case are not located in environmentally valuable areas.


The exhibition will feature projects able to guarantee greater energy efficiency, the production of renewable energy, and "low carbon", possibly "zero emission" districts and buildings able to produce additional energy beyond their own requirements, thanks to the design, materials, construction techniques and systems employed.

There will also be a focus on greater water savings, non-toxic interiors, and structure that are easy to maintain and durable over time.

Districts and buildings are sustainable when they are built at costs acceptable to the builders and affordable for purchasers and tenants.

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