The target

Green Life aims to demonstrate that it is possible to build more sustainable cities, and to "show off" urban areas that have been capable of providing themselves with a vision of the future, adopting bold strategies, and putting in place concrete actions.

Visitors will be able to see areas and buildings that have developed more creatively than elsewhere and in a more sustainable way than in the past.

Showing examples of what has been done in the world to create urban ecosystems that are sustainable for the planet is a way of demonstrating what can be already be done to make it accessible on a wider scale.

The exhibition is aimed at a wide audience of potential "drivers of change" – young people who want to feel like citizens of the world (the "Erasmus generation"), professionals, planners, designers and entrepreneurs with a vision of the future.

An exhibition which also talks to ordinary people wishing to find a way to make their lifestyles environmentally sustainable.
An exhibition that aims to stimulate today's urban planners and designers, manufacturers of materials and innovative systems, those responsible for procurement in the private and public sphere, political decision-makers, and institutions providing training in knowhow.

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© Daniele Faverzani

© Daniele Faverzani